for the love of it

This past summer, I went to the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase and got the best seat in the house – which wasn’t a seat at all –­ standing on the inside of the track, right at the finish. It was pretty awesome. And I guess I really wasn’t supposed to be leaning over as they flew along the rail. But hey – I was trying to get the shot.

Then – during one of the races, two jockeys fell off. They were okay, but their horses continued to race. Around and around they went. FLYING at top speed, racing each other around the track.


Not because someone was directing them or even cheering them on. But because they loved it. It was fun. They were having a blast.

Of course they didn’t get the trophy in the end. But they did win. Because they were competing for the pure joy of it. It was amazing to watch. They may have been running with their legs, but they were racing with their hearts.


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