legacies that lift you up

When you’re surrounded by greatness, there are a couple options. You can let it consume you or embrace you. I think sometimes people let it scare them or intimidate them, but I’ve always tried to look at those before me who’ve achieved great things as evidence or proof that I can too. They are inspiration. Instead of pressure that brings you down, it’s like wings that lift you up.

One of my favorite copywriters once said, “Aspire to be the dumbest person in the room.” Then you can learn and grow and become great. Most of my high school career, I worked and worked and worked to get into the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And I did it. A big part of the reason I made it there was because my family, friends and teachers believed in me well before I did. Even after I was a senior walking through campus, I remember just sort of looking around hardly believing I was there – surrounded by so much talent.

Then when I decided I wanted to be a copywriter at an advertising agency, I think part of the reason I chose that path was because I wasn’t completely sure I could do it. Other jobs would have been much easier for me to break into. But it was a little bit of – hey, let’s just see if I can do this thing. And I did. I am. I had great teachers who helped me believe I could do it and also great writers who taught me that if they could make it, then maybe I could too.

Tomorrow I’m getting my puppy from Hob Nob Border Collies. I’ve been dreaming about a puppy from this place for a while now. And though I knew I would be getting a puppy – I didn’t know I would also be joining a family. A family with many great legacies. A family that lifts you up. Because they’ve been there. They’ve shown you how great you can be.

And now it’s just time to show the world.


4 thoughts on “legacies that lift you up

  1. Wow, you are such an awesome writer. I love it, so inspiring.
    Good luck tomorrow. Can’t wait to see pictures of Phenom. 🙂

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