when it rains . . .

. . . there are puddles!! Which are really fun!

Great for splashing!

Too bad Phenom had a bath BEFORE the puddles! Oh well. She still looks beautiful. Bath or no bath.

Worked on shaping “backup.” This is our second session. We started out a little slow getting things situated, but then she really starts to get it. I saw Kay Laurence use this method where you sit in a chair, drop the treats on the ground in front of you, then she will most likely backup to look at you and you can click that. Of course she’s adding her own little flair. And I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Practiced some group stays – with a little help from Piper. He he!

Playing. Lots of playing.

Had another great puppy class too. Phenom wants to know: “Do I look smarter?”

Then we went to a shopping center where we met some new people, saw bikes, cars, sliding doors, strollers, grocery carts and fake flowers. Gotta love the fake flowers. Hey – it’s spring!

Oh – and maybe one little nap.


2 thoughts on “when it rains . . .

  1. ahhhhhh that picture of piper holding phenom’s leash kills me! love it! i really want to meet that little fur ball. 🙂

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