showing off

Not sure whether I’m socializing Phenom – or just showing her off now. But, either way, we’re both having fun.

After puppy class on Saturday, Phenom and I went to the Charlotte Pet Expo. We had a great time. Another super socialization opportunity. Lots of different dogs – Bull Dogs, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Labs, Schnauzers, Italian Greyhounds, Papillons, Great Pyrenees and more – all really well-behaved. She saw wheelchairs, kids, all sorts of people, dogs in strollers, a café, announcer on stage and a concrete floor. Her favorite parts? Kids and the ferret booth.

She also posed with a little racecar that threw off the scale and made her look HUGE! But she really is growing – just not quite that much.

She did awesome though. I almost felt like I was walking an assistance dog – the way she walked right with me through all the people and dogs. Like we’d done it hundreds of times before. She gave several kids kisses and got lots of attention. We had a great time. Sometimes she feels like an old soul.

Then there were group photos at home.

And quite a few outtakes.

We’ve also continued working on crate games, which are lots of fun and unbelievable how important it is and what she is learning from that.

This week Phenom stayed in her open crate while I tugged with Vega. Big deal. I was impressed. Lots more to work on, but it is an important piece of our training puzzle.

Oh and she showed the Nina Ottosson Dog Pyramid that she is the boss! No question.

Of course we did lots of playing. Phenom met THE BUMBLE BALL this week. I think she loves to hate it, but in playing with it – she gave me another new face. I love her expressions. She keeps me smiling.


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