back in the saddle

Well, Piper, Vega and I went back on our walk to the park yesterday. I think Piper was a little sore and she was definitely scanning and looking around to make sure nothing was going to get us. I was probably a little nervous too. But I gave her lots of treats for focusing on me and for being confident.

Phenom had fun too. She went to the park yesterday as well, and we had our best play session yet – even with baseball practice going on. And today – I think Piper was feeling even better – she was racing around the house playing with socks and tossing them into the air. So – that’s always good!

I also got an update on the dogs. Apparently they had jumped out of a window of their house and over a fence to get out. They also lived more than two miles away. So they had already travelled quite a distance to get to our neighborhood. They had gotten out before and hurt a dog so they had strict orders to be under control. And then after they attacked Piper, they got another smaller dog that had to be taken to the vet for puncture wounds. I feel so bad for the dog and owner. That would have been Piper and I if those men hadn’t been there to help us.

In the end the owners surrendered the aggressive dogs, and they were euthanized by animal control. It’s a sad situation, but at least they can’t hurt anyone else now. Seeing them go after Piper and then having to run from them as they continued to hunt us down was something I’ll never forget. It was chilling.

I contacted Lowe’s to thank the men who went above and beyond to save me and my dogs. I didn’t even know which store they worked at or the men’s names but I emailed Lowe’s via Facebook, and they called around to all the local stores to find out who made a delivery at that location and time. They found out who the men were, and made sure they are getting commended for their actions. I also called and talked to their supervisor to tell him how much I appreciated them. Of course, I’ll never be able to thank them enough.

So while it was a really scary situation, it did show me just how great people can be. And reminded me that my ten year old collie really knows how to do some fancy bobbing and weaving to escape such large aggressive dogs. Piper is one amazing dog.


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