Well, it’s that time of year again. Check out how we’ve been preparing for the 4th of July. Warning: fireworks sounds included in the video!!

I’ve been working on this for probably a year now with Piper and Vega. And over the last couple months, I’ve just continued it from what the breeder had already started with Phenom. I began with the sound effects CD at a low volume and slowly played it louder and louder. Vega is very fearful of thunder and Piper doesn’t like gun shots or fireworks. I’ve seen quite a bit of improvement with both Piper and Vega using the sound effects CD paired with positive things. And hopefully Phenom will continue to be fine with it as well. Happy July 4th everyone! That’s what we’re hoping for.


2 thoughts on “POW POW POW

  1. Turbo and Taco slept throughout! Biz made sure her kitty was OK. Tybwondered why the I Pad began to make noise, but soon went back to her game of tug. Thanks Margaret!

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