Vega is a star

He is named after the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere. Hey – maybe I did learn something from that astronomy class in college. I knew I wanted to name him something that started with a “V” because that’s the shape of the white blaze on his forehead.

But last summer he was also a star. While we were assisting at a dog camp, a very talented photographer, Diane Lewis, took some awesome photos of Vega diving and swimming. He was featured on her blog and I just love the photos she took. It’s so fun to see him doing what he loves most in the world. He has a lot of power – and fun.


4 thoughts on “Vega is a star

  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful dog! I always figured you named him after the airplane, the Lockheed Vega (Amelia Earhart flew it), especially when paired up with Piper! Silly me! Guess I need to get out more often…after all, my dog is named Rudder!! 😉

  2. Looks to me that he IS a star and with photos like that, will always be a STAR!!! Beautiful!!!

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