dear santa paws,

Let me explain. I know I haven’t been perfect this year. But I was (am) just a puppy you know. And – well, things happen.

Phenom Santa

But I’m getting off topic – I like to focus on the nice things. You know – accentuate the positive – learned that from my Mom. Yep. So – this year I’ve learned tons – I actually like having my nails filed – can you believe that?!? Now – that is worth extra points – just sayin’. I know all sorts of words – like sit, down, left, right, ninja, side, next, speak, stand, stay, um . . . squirrel. I love people. I even think the vet is a very cool place to be. I like to play with so many different things (more about that later). I also like to run, run, run and tunnels are really fun too.

So – there may have been a few small naughty things in the mix as well. But what’s some shredded stuff, chewed harnesses, broken glass, muddy paws, pee on the bed (gasp! – I know . . . ), bruised hands and bloody noses among friends? Am I right here?

And anyway – you know I don’t do these things out of spite or because I’m bad. My naughtiness is what makes me fun. It means I’ve got spunk. And so my Mom needs to keep sharpening her game. Because I’m only 11 months old and adolescence is just getting started. Oh and turns out – when you look back at all the naughtiness and add some music – it doesn’t seem quite so bad. See what I mean.

Trouble from Margaret Bond on Vimeo.

So, in closing – naughty equals spunk. Spunk equals fun. Fun equals me.

Oh – and I’d really love a new harness. My old one was defective – fell apart right in my mouth.





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