Wow. 2015 was a pretty incredible year. I made it my #adventureself year (thanks Tori!) and so I pushed myself to have more adventures – and boy, did we ever.


I also tried to embrace the moments and live in them. Soak them up. Sometimes I worry too much about – um, everything – so I’ve been trying to focus on savoring the moments as they come. As they happen. As they shine on me, and I shine on them.


It’s almost hard to believe what I got the opportunity to do this year – traveling to California, New York, Montreal, Georgia, Virginia and Chicago. Seeing Disneyland for the first time ever. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Getting to stand on the field at a Carolina Panthers Game. Learning from some very talented and caring people. Filming at the top of the 39th floor of an open air building under construction in Montreal. Shooting a commercial with stunt doubles. Phenom getting to race around with her hero big brother. Seeing a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game from an 8th floor suite. Phenom and I having our name announced at our very first big final. We had so many amazing adventures that wouldn’t have been possible without some really incredible people in our lives. We are so grateful. And ready for more! We’re already looking forward to more adventures in 2016. Bring them on!



Here’s a video of some of my favorite moments of 2015. Thanks to all the hearts who made it happen. Happy New Year!



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