old dog blessings

*** Writer’s note: I wrote this before Vega passed away and didn’t get to post it. So I’m hoping you’ll forgive me as I just couldn’t bear to edit this to past tense. ***


I don’t really know what I thought it would be like, but watching Vega grow older with me isn’t at all what I was expecting.


Vega was never funny when he was younger. So so serious. Never let his guard down, never stumbled, never lost – he won everything. Planned everything. Was in charge of everything. Knew what was going to happen before it happened. That was his thing. And now that desire, that drive – it has stayed the same, but his body can’t quite keep up anymore. He does get frustrated sometimes. He barks about it and tells me about it, but mostly – even more so than in his youth – he makes the most of it. And he even laughs about it. Yes, dogs laugh. Trust me – they do. So now – if he stumbles and falls – which he does on occasion – he pretends like he meant to do that and rolls around and enjoys himself. He also gives me a silly grin – like – look how well this worked out for me. It’s even better than I planned.


And so I guess that’s always the goal – to make each day better than the next. Until they’re not. And I suppose – in the end – I control that part. And it’s the hardest thing, but the most crucial gift. Well, the last one anyway.


*** There’s more to say about Vega, and I will. He didn’t like the spotlight. Not like Piper did and Phenom does. He much preferred the shadows. So I gave him that, while he gave me a story to pass along later. So we’ll start at the ending. And go from there. ***



One thought on “old dog blessings

  1. Awe, Margaret so sorry. You have such a wonderful way with words. I am looking forward to the rest of the story. Hugs.

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