talking with animals

When I was a little girl I used to talk to my sheltie, Jess.  “Just bark once if you understand,” I used to say. I wasn’t sure if he did or didn’t – shelties bark a lot you know.

But after years of studying some of the best animal trainers in the world, I’m learning to speak to animals in a way they understand. And it’s something we can all do. Just think about what you want your dog to know. And then how your actions can convey that. This can include something as simple as “sit” or something more complicated, like “trust.”

And remember all great conversations require listening – so just like you hope your dogs will listen to you, don’t forget to pay attention to what they have to say. My dogs have taught me a lot. About having fun, being patient, laughing, loving and living. So we hope you’ll join us on our joy ride to fetch happy.

Meet Piper

+ me + Vega.


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