take me out to the ball game

Phenom and I went to Bark in the Park at the Charlotte Knights Game last weekend. Wow – what a great socialization opportunity.

She met all sorts of different dogs, saw wheelchairs, heard loud music, met lots of kids, heeled through large crowds, watched a carousel go around, heard an announcer speaking and people clapping.

She was particularly drawn to the beer vendor – lots of spillage! 😮 One of the coaches even called us down to the field because he wanted to see her.

She also played a little on the grassy area. I got a short video of her tugging with her favorite toy – a water bottle.

She also got to stop by work again last week. Yay! She loves my work friends. And what could be better than ONE Phenom – well, TWO of course!

Then – puppy class at DogLogic Training. Lots of fun stuff there. We are so lucky to have such a great place to train.

And of course – playing at the park. Boy – her legs are really growing, huh?

We only had 3 distractions today – but she didn’t really care about them anyway. Although – neither one of us appreciated it when they BUZZED us on their flyby though!


4 thoughts on “take me out to the ball game

  1. What a SUPER lucky girl she is to have YOU for her mommy!!!! I cannot even imagine how SMART this girl is going to be this time NEXT year!!!! So much fun to watch her grow!

  2. Holy cow, I LOVE Phenom! Her little body already looks amazing, and that face- ahghhh! What a super day for the little girl- it is really fun to watch you do such a fantastic job with her.

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