guardian angel

So I’ve had a lot of guardian angels in my life. I’ve always thought I probably would have gotten in a lot more trouble if I didn’t have so many nice people and animals looking out for me. Well – there’s still time I suppose . . .

But since I moved to Charlotte, there’s been a very persistant presence in my life – in the form of a red-tailed hawk. She follows me everywhere. I see her on our walks to the park, I’ve seen her at work sometimes when I’m out writing on the deck. She’s even camped out in my backyard.

She’ll often appear out of nowhere and just be there. Like she’s been waiting for me. So powerful and majestic. Seeing her as much as I do is quite a gift. And even when I can’t see her, I often hear her signature calls. But maybe you’re wondering why I think she’s my guardian angel.

Well – let’s just say – she sent me a sign.


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