Happy First Birthday Phenom

I can’t believe that tiny little puppy I picked up at the Atlanta airport in March turns a year old today. Yet sometimes it’s hard to remember a time without her. She sort of feels like she’s always been with me. Like we were just waiting to meet. Sort of – well – destined to be. Together.


She is as goofy and funny as she is soulful and sweet. Always making me laugh and reminding me not to take things too seriously. Sometimes I wonder if maybe Piper is helping teach her a bit about that. Piper excels in this area. We’ve had some great adventures already, and she has learned so much.

Today I celebrate so many things I love about this little red and white dog, and I’m so grateful to all those who are on Team Phenom. They’ve helped us meet new people, visit different places, learn new things, laugh, race, run, jump and play. There are a lot of people on our team, so thanks to you all. And a huge thank you to Phenom’s breeder Jan for the great start she gave Phenom. There are so many things Phenom got to experience as a baby before she even met me that really set her up for success. But perhaps the most important thing she experienced – was love. From the moment I first saw her, you could tell she knew she was special – and I did too.

Here’s a little video of some of Phenom’s first-year adventures. She is one incredible little soul. I am completely under her spell, and she brightens my everyday. Happy First Birthday Phenom.

Happy First Birthday Phenom from Margaret Bond on Vimeo.

Photo credits: Baby puppy and parent photos by Jan DeMello and Gail Smith.


4 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday Phenom

  1. Happy birthday, beautiful girl! I can’t wait to meet you!

    Margaret, what an exquisite tribute to an amazing dog! I hope you have many, many more fun-filled, loving years together!

    Great video…thanks for sharing.

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