Phenom at the Anthony Clarke Seminar

So I’ve audited the Anthony Clarke seminars at DogLogic for several years now, and this year I finally got to participate in one of them.


Well – it was worth the wait. Running Phenom was such a rush. This was the Novice / Open Seminar, so I was a little nervous about it because we really haven’t done much with the equipment and maybe only 3-4 obstacles at once. But Phenom was awesome. She made me look good, and I was just racing to keep up with her. She did things we’ve never even tried before. I guess all that circle work and foundation we’ve been doing at DogLogic is paying off. We are really lucky to have such a great place to train.

This was Phenom’s first seminar and there were so many distractions, but she did an awesome job with everything. The other participants were all great – cheering everyone on. And Ant is so nice to work with. He’s really talented at reading the dogs and pushing the handlers. I was just thrilled with the whole weekend. We also had a private lesson and worked on some rear crosses and running flat out – which was really fun too. It is so so so much fun running and playing with Phenom, and I’m thinking she’s really liking agility too. Yay!

Here’s a little video of some of my favorite moments – a super big thanks to all the people I pestered to video us. It’s great to have this to look back at. And thanks to Ant for coming all this way and of course, to Lynne and Karen at DogLogic for hosting such a stellar set of seminars. We really enjoyed it.

Phenom – Anthony Clarke Novice Seminar from Margaret Bond on Vimeo.



5 thoughts on “Phenom at the Anthony Clarke Seminar

  1. “Last one…oh wait, and again!” (: Phenom looks amazing, & you two are two pees in a pod. I think she might have got hired in both the modeling and agility field! Good job! (:

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