Get mad at it. Get it.

The other day Phenom and I were working on our weave training. It was really close. It was getting harder. She was wrong, and she thought she should be right. So she got frustrated. She thought she should get to tug, so she nipped me on my leg. Not bad – just a pinch. And she never does that sort of thing. She’s such a sweetie. So – I laughed – didn’t reinforce her. Revved her up. She got mad. Then she dug in and got it right the next time. Some people might have gotten upset with her – but I actually really liked her attitude. She’s got spunk.

Phenom determined

And I understand. I get upset when I’m wrong too. I think a lot of people do – it’s frustrating – but how you react is so important. I didn’t get upset. Phenom didn’t let it get her down. She got mad at it. And she got it. A lesson in resilience.

We also got to do some training at DogLogic this weekend, and it was so fun. Playing agility with Phenom is a blast. She enjoys playing games with me, and it’s so fun just running and playing and enjoying each other. We had a great time.

Here’s a video of some of the things we’ve been working on the last couple of months.

Phenom 14-17 months from Margaret Bond on Vimeo.



8 thoughts on “Get mad at it. Get it.

  1. Whenever I see your posts I click on it as I know it will be about playing and having fun. I get to play, teach and learn every day with my B/C Trip who is also a red/white bundle of fun.

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