ready or not

I entered Phenom in her first trial. Yay! Excited – and nervous. Well, it’s not until November so we have time. But still – entry sent off. It’s feeling real now. And not so sure we’re ready.

Phenom first trial entry

But I was thinking – I don’t know if I’ve done much of anything that meant something where I felt totally prepared. I almost always feel like there’s more I need to do. And that’s probably what drives me. So – it’s a good thing – right? That’s what I’m telling myself.

And actually as long as we go out and there and give it all we’ve got and have fun – then we’ve accomplished what I want.

Phenom and I

Phenom and I always have fun doing most anything together. And she really seems to enjoy our training sessions. It’s nice when I leave her at the startline, walk out and look back at her. Because she gives me this look like – we’ve got this. Let’s go.

So – let’s go. Here’s a video of some of the things we’ve been working on.

Fun. Fun. Wheeeee . . . .



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