out and about

Phenom and I have had a busy couple of weeks.

She celebrated her 8-week birthday with a special Kong.

She got to meet my Mom, Dad and Ace.

She also got a very cute new toy and had lots of fun.

I took her for a walk down my street the other day and one of my neighbor’s literally ran out of her house in the middle of their dinner to see her. Ha! They have a border collie too. Then she got to meet their little son, and she got to ride in the wagon with another one of my neighbors.

A lot of people that I meet when we’re out and about have asked me when I will start training her or if I’ve started training her yet. As one of my favorite trainers/writers – Patricia McConnell – said once, “You’re either training your dog or she’s training you.” So – of course we are always training. But it doesn’t really feel like “training” – it’s just more like “talking” without words. And of course – we are having lots of fun. Phenom makes that easy. She is quite the character. Uninhibited. Free. Fun. She reminds me a lot of Piper actually – they both have a great sense of humor. And Phenom has a real sense of herself – already. This is one of my favorite photos of her because she looks so ready to take on the world.

We also went to a grocery store to see the automatic doors, meet people going in and out, walk by some fountains and also rode the elevator a few times.

Yesterday we went to puppy class at DogLogic Training. We are so lucky to have such a great place to train. There are several other fun puppies in our class, so that’s good. And of course some great instructors.

They did this “Exploration Game” that was really neat. This video explains more in the description, but basically it allowed the puppies the chance to investigate the environment alongside each other without mindless play. I thought it was a great idea and really appreciate all the thought and care that goes into the instruction at DogLogic.

Hob Nob Phenom also got to meet Hob Nob Bizzy. Bizzy is such a love, and she was great with Phenom. They really enjoyed their little family visit.

Today we walked to the park near my house, and we worked on loose leash walking on the way. And so far – with Phenom, like with Ace, it is like a nice flowing dance. Today, my 9.5 week old little puppy and I walked almost all the way down my street with her prancing right by my side – getting treats all along the way – of course. But she was looking up at me like – check this out! I’m good. She was floating. And it was pretty cool. So smooth. I’m sure it won’t always feel so effortless, but today it did. And I was proud of her. And me!

Then we played at the park with her on her long line and did a little tugging. Just a little though. Not too much. I want to keep it fun with her wanting to play more.

Piper and Vega also had fun at the park, and then they had a relaxing afternoon. I think Phenom is wearing them out too!


4 thoughts on “out and about

  1. Nice. Sounds like things are moving along just the way you want. She is such a cutie. I love seeing the pictures and hearing your stories.
    Sallie 🙂

  2. Puppies are so much fun! I’m having a blast with Motor, watching him learn, guiding without pressure. This morning he gave me such a thrill with an amazing recall!! I keep waiting for it to get “hard” but it’s been so easy if you just look for all the good things/things you want/like and reward for it! See you Saturday!

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