Phenom’s first trial

April Fools!

Well, sort of. She got to watch her first trial. Phenom came along with Ace and I on Saturday.

She had a great time. We got lots of compliments on how well she did and how confident she seemed. Oh and of course – how cute she is. She got to see flags flapping in the wind, she walked on artificial turf, got treats on metal stairs, played a little in the stands, spent a little time inside in the crate, did a few restrained recalls and met lots of new friends.

She even tried to steal some ribbons out of a box, but then decided she would rather earn them later.

Ace and I didn’t place or get a Q, but we had some fast and happy runs. Ace is so much fun to run. We got our standard run on video, so here it is.

Then today – Phenom and I played at the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We also practiced our recall. Wheeeee . . . .


4 thoughts on “Phenom’s first trial

  1. Margaret,
    Looks like everyone had a great time. Sorry we missed the trial. Phenom is getting so big. What a pretty girl. Ace was as fun as ever to watch. See you soon. 😉

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