This weekend I watched a lot of the AKC World Team Tryouts via the live stream coverage. There were some amazing runs, and it was really inspiring to watch. The courses were super tough and the competitors were up for the challenge. Plus, everyone was so supportive, cheering each other on – especially when someone handled a really tough part of the course.

In this competition of five rounds – the teams fought for every run and while several of them could have given up with a bad round or an unlucky break – they kept going. They kept fighting. They kept believing.

There were many great runs, but one of my favorites was by the incredible team of Tori Self and Revolution when they won round 3. I love how in sync they are. They have a great style, attitude and perspective – both on and off the course. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did.

Oh – and yes, Tori and Rev earned a place on this year’s world team with several more great runs. I can’t wait to cheer for them and the rest of Team USA at the FCI Agility World Championships.


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