Phenom version 2.0 (happy birthday!)

Today Phenom turns two years old.

Though this last year she wasn’t really a puppy anymore – we still had a year of many firsts. Her first snow, first working spot in a seminar, first show ‘n go, first time herding, first AKC trial and our first USDAA trial. Sure puppy stages are cute, but the connection we’re creating, the things we’re learning and the places we’re exploring just get better and better. The more we learn the more fun we have.

Phenom holiday

Phenom is mostly funny, mostly a character. I love that she really still acts like a puppy in many ways. She has her more focused side too, but if things get too serious – she’ll usually steal my hat and run – or pounce on me in a big overly dramatic way. She makes me laugh a lot. A LOT. She’s creative like Piper. She goes through life with a carefree, wild abandon. Loves to learn and race and play. Training with her doesn’t really feel like training, it feels like playing. She actually reminds me a lot of Jess, the first dog I had as a kid. Before I knew anything about agility or training at all – we just played. We didn’t even use toys really. We would just run and he would chase me and we would race through the fields. I think sometimes as we get older – dogs and people – simple playing starts to be replaced with regimented routines or too many rules. Feeling almost robotic. So I try to think back to those days when playing was simple with no expectations, no rules and no judging. Just a girl and her dog. Even when dogs of the past become memories, you can still go back there. Phenom knows the directions. She takes me there a lot. And it’s a fun place to be.

Phenom ninja group

Here’s a video of some moments from Phenom version 1.0 to 2.0.

Happy Birthday Phenom!



6 thoughts on “Phenom version 2.0 (happy birthday!)

  1. Wonderful post Margaret! I too remember the days of just ‘playing’ with my dog that I had as a young girl. We mostly just ran on the beach, her chasing gulls and me running behind and laughing. Happy Birthday Phenom!

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