little big moments (happy 12th birthday Piper)

Today is Piper’s 12th birthday. Sometimes it’s hard to believe and other times it’s starting to be heartbreakingly obvious. I find myself just wanting to freeze time, grab around all her fluffy fur and hold on – but we can’t do that. And that wouldn’t be very fun either. Well, for her anyway – ha ha.


You know – as more years pass by – it’s not the big moments that stick with me as much as the seemingly little ones. Like when we go for a walk and I give her a treat – she looks around as if she’s hoping someone saw what she just got. Many nights while I’m eating dinner, she’ll bring me random items to trade for some of my dinner. One time she actually brought me some deodorant from the bathroom.


She won’t let a breeze happen without lifting her head up and drinking it in – with her little cheeks puffing on either side of her muzzle. And at the park she’ll trot off into the distance, slow down, turn around to look back at me like – what are you waiting for – let’s go.


Here’s hoping for many many more of these little big moments.




2 thoughts on “little big moments (happy 12th birthday Piper)

  1. I cannot tell you how VERY much I enjoy reading these posts! Not only are the stories the greatest, they simply hit home about life PERIOD. I truly do NOT know how people that have not had the experience of a dog know ANYTHING about life at all. Thank you so much for your wonderful and eloquent inspirations!
    And your dogs absolutely take my breath away!!!!!


    Shirley Griffin


    Luquire George Andrews
    4201 Congress Street
    Suite 400
    Charlotte, NC 28209


    1. Aww – thanks so much for reading them Shirley. You are too sweet. That’s so true – animals teach us so much about life, and we can all learn a lot from them if we just pay attention. 🙂

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