the sideways tree

I didn’t become a writer because I wanted to write (though I usually do). I became a writer because I have to write. And sometimes when I need to write one thing there’s something else in the way that I have to get out there. So – poetry. In my front yard – and maybe yours too – is a sideways tree.

The Sideways Tree

I came upon a sideways tree.
Growing tall wasn’t meant to be.
So sideways it went, 
as the branches bent.
Making its own way.
Not wasting a day.
It stretched beyond the dark,
trying to make its mark.
Through the shadows, into the light.
Not considering it a fight, 
because there’s a gain in size
all the while planning a rise.
Searching for the glow.
Strengthened by the no.
Never hearing the doubt,
not standing up, but out.

-Margaret Bond





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