only human

Oh Ace – we were supposed to have more time. They are never with us long enough, but you were only 10. I was hoping for more time. Imagine’s Be The Dream “Ace” July 25, 2005 – October 3, 2015

Ace had been having some heart trouble lately and we thought it was under control, but he passed away suddenly last Saturday. My parents were with him and it was quick, but still oh so tough. Ace wasn’t really mine – he was my parents, but they were generous enough to share him with me. And not just that – they would drive him 45 minutes each way to meet me at agility class, they would stay and watch and take him home. They would let me take him for training and trials and also come to trials to cheer us on.



Wow – we had a blast. It was so fun. He was such a special guy. And when he was about two years old – he suddenly started barking throughout his run like his hero Quiz would do. And he got even faster! He really really loved it. Me too. He would get so excited to go to trials and just prance his way in as if he owned the place. I’m so thankful for so many people who helped us have so much fun.





Hazel asked me once why Ace loved me so much – and I said – because we have so much fun together.



His breeder named him Imagine’s Be The Dream – and how did she know? He was The Dream. He was just perfect. And we will all miss him so much, but the memories are many and we will cherish them all. He was perfect. And my parents gave him the perfect life. You can’t ask for much more than that.



And I’m so glad my parents have Duchess – Ace’s great niece (on the right).



The more animals who enter my life, the more I realize I am only human after all.

Here is a tribute video of some of the fun we all had (warning there is happy, yappy, Cavalier barking):

And here is another video of one of our favorite runs – this still makes me smile to go back and watch:

And our first trial:



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  1. Margaret, so very sorry to hear this news!!!!! Such a beautiful dog and so young! Thx for sharing this wonderful tribute. Thx, Shirley

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