Yay! So – I got my new puppy. Hob Nob Dream Big. And her call name is Phenom.

I picked her up on Friday at the Atlanta airport. When I came out of the air cargo office with her – there was a rainbow waiting for us. So – now I know what’s at the end of a rainbow – a beautiful, cute, loving, playful, fiery – oh so funny character of a puppy in a red and white coat. Thanks so much to her breeder, Jan, for trusting me with her. And what a great family I get to join too.

The next day she got to meet my vet. We had to wait in the lobby for awhile, but she was a trooper and enjoyed “puppy watching.” As you can see – she was very relaxed about the whole experience and of course – everyone loved her.

Since then we’ve been doing lots of playing and trying to experience all sorts of different things. Yesterday she met a group of girl scouts. They were so cute with her. One of them said – I can hear her purring. Ha ha! I don’t think so – but she was enjoying it and giving them lots of kisses. And yes, we bought a box of cookies.

She really looks you right in the eye – like Ace did when he was a little puppy. It’s almost like she’s looking into you. Plus, she also likes the camera. And she’s definitely got the awwwww factor!

She gets along great with Piper and Vega.

Today I took the day off to play with her more. But we decided to run by work and introduce her. It’s really cool because everyone at work is almost as excited as I am about her. Guess I might have mentioned it to a few people . . . ;o) So she had a great time meeting so many fun new people, and she also got to ride an elevator.

She even got to test out my office chair – to see where I sit.

And we got a photo of the two of us – thanks to Monika!

Then we picked up a new friend for her. SO much cuteness.

We are having lots of fun, and she is definitely keeping me busy – and laughing! LOVE her!


14 thoughts on “NEW PUPPY!

  1. SO happy for you! she is so adorable i could cry! 🙂 i REALLY wish i had been at LGA that day to meet her.

  2. I loved reading your blog on the adventure of meeting Phenom! How extra special to have that rainbow waiting for you both! Enjoy the journey as I ‘m sure you will! Hugs to my little Kestrel de Phenom from Grandma Jan!

  3. Really GREAT photos!!! And a wonderful post…and the business about her looking you right in the eye must definitely be a family trait! Glance regularly melts people by gazing deeply into their eyes…they are such sweet sweet souls!! Oh, and the name Phenom suits her perfectly!!

  4. Margaret,
    So glad to put faces with names! I’ll be sure to keep in touch.
    Judy and Levi

    Reds Rule!!

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