Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate to have family and friends who were there for me when I needed them. Today, I was saved by three total strangers.

After some frisbee at the park this morning, I was walking back home with Piper and Vega and just as we turned to walk down our street, two huge loose Rottweilers wearing spike collars burst out of the trees and jumped on Piper. I kept Vega by my side and when I tried to pull Piper away from them, she slipped out of her collar.

So now – there I was. Helpless as my dog was getting attacked by two very large aggressive dogs. It seemed like things were going in slow motion, but really fast all at the same time. I could feel her slipping away as they were trying to pull her into the wooded area.

I’ve had quite a few very scary dog attacks and encounters, but this was by far the scariest situation I’ve ever been in. I totally panicked. I started screaming as loud as I could, but they were oblivious and just kept going at her.

Luckily there were three men from Lowe’s who were delivering a washing machine to the house across the street, and they came running to help. Two of them were able to get the dogs off her, and I was able to call her to me and get her collar back on.

You’d think that was it, but no – these dogs weren’t through with us. They immediately started coming back after us. So two of the men kept trying to chase them off and the other man actually ran with me the couple of blocks back home – helping watch behind us to make sure they couldn’t get to us.

They were like my superheroes. Yay Lowe’s! Piper was okay. She was wet from them biting all over her, but luckily they didn’t break the skin. One of the advantages of having so much fur I guess. I think I was much more scared than my dogs. Piper is rock solid. Me – I was in tears, and my voice was hoarse from all the yelling.

I’d never seen these dogs before. What’s nice about living in the city is that usually there aren’t loose dogs running around causing trouble. This was so scary. I hope we never see them again.

Piper is getting lots of extra hugs today. And I’m so thankful for really nice strangers. Without them, I don’t even want to think about what might have happened.


4 thoughts on “attacked

  1. OMG, that is just terrible. I know you must have been scared to death. Thank goodness for those guys from Lowes. I hate when people are not responsible for their dogs….grrrr
    I am so glad Piper did not get hurt. All that fur is a good thing. I am so happy you all made it home safely. We alway carry mace with us, since we live out in the Country you never know what you will run into. So happy this story had a good ending. 🙂

  2. OMG, Margaret! That is a HORRIBLE tale! Not only the danger ot Piper, but could have been an equally bad one for you and Vega. Hope you were able to find out to whom the Rottweilers belonged….totally irresponsible owners, I would say…..never have trusted that breed. I’m so thankful all of you are ok!!!!! I can only imagine how scared you were!
    And thank God for the guys from Lowe’s! LGA will have to give them some good PR!!!

    1. Thanks so much Shirley. Yes – very scary. Unfortunately it’s the owners who often give certain breeds bad reputations. I found out later apparently these dogs attacked another dog while they were out and it had to be taken to the vet. Then the police were involved and the owners surrendered the dogs to animal control. I just hope they don’t hurt anyone else. And that made me realize even more how fortunate we were that those guys were there to help us.

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